Youth Programs

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BRSS Audubon Offers Several Programs to Engage Youth in Outdoor Nature and Conservation Experiences.

2019 - 2020 Field Trips

Children are welcome to join our field trips. While some are farther afield, the following are local and recommended:

  • September 28, 8:00 a.m. - Larchmont Reservoir

  • October 5, 9:00 a.m. - Lenoir Preserve Hawk Watch

  • October 20, 8:00 a.m. -Marshlands/Read Sanctuary (meet at Read)

  • February 8, 9:00 a.m. - Eagle Fest at Croton Point Park

  • April 11, 8:00 a.m. - Larchmont Reservoir

If youth organizations, such as the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts want to schedule a bird or nature walk for their own group, please contact Sandy Morrissey.

Eastern Bluebird Project

Girl Scout, Boy Scout, church groups and other youth organizations are welcome to schedule a program with us to learn about the Eastern Bluebird and help with its conservation. The program lasts about an hour and a half. We teach about the life history of the bluebird and why it needs our help. Then we build some nestboxes. The nestboxes are then placed in good bluebird habitat.

Girl Scouts from GSHH council have a special patch they can earn by doing this program.

For more information or to schedule a program, email Sandy Morrissey.

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Student Bird Research Mentoring

Over the years we've mentored many students wishing to do bird research. Please contact Sandy Morrissey  if you are a student wishing for help with a bird research project.

Two students from the French-American School of NY recently conducted a research project testing what color of feathers Tree Swallows prefer to use when they line their nests?

Mt. Vernon School Bird Program

"Learn Birds are Cool in School"

Since 2012, BRSS members have conducted an in-school bird program in two elementary schools in Mt. Vernon: the Columbus School and the Edward Williams School. We work with second grade classes. We make 5 monthly visits to the classroom from January to May. Each session a special theme, such as, "What makes a bird a bird?"

Our goal is the hope the children will be more aware of birds in their surroundings, and when they grow up, they'll be more likely to want to conserve and protect the natural world.

At this time we are unable to expand this program to other schools. We are happy to share our lesson plans if another organization wishes to replicate our efforts.


Session 1: What makes a bird a bird? Feathers!

wingspan bald eagle.jpeg

How many 2nd graders does it take to have the wing span of a Bald Eagle?


Session 2: Beaks

Beaks - Woodpecker.jpeg

We use household tools to teach how different beaks determine the food birds eat.


Session 3: Live Bird program presented by the Greenburgh Nature Center

Bird in hand.jpeg

A bird in the hand - a priceless teaching tool!


Session 4: The nesting cycle

Nest building.jpeg

Children use tweezers as their "beaks" to build a nest.


Session 5: Outdoor bird walk

Mt Vernon outdoor walk.jpeg

Time to meet the birds in the neighborhood.