Chapters enable Audubon members and others to meet and share an appreciation of their common interests. They create a culture of conservation in local communities through education and advocacy, focusing on the conservation of birds, other wildlife and conservation of important habitats.

What do chapters do?

  • Advocate for protection of birds and their habitat by supporting local, state, national and hemispheric conservation priorities

  • Offer birding field trips, identification classes and worldwide travel for members and the public

  • Engage children and adults in a wide assortment of educational programs

  • Coordinate outreach events including birding festivals

  • Create bird friendly communities by involving residents in habitat improvement projects

  • Provide data on the health of local bird species through Christmas Bird Counts, the Great Backyard Bird Count, breeding bird surveys, and other local monitoring projects

  • Adopt and protect Important Bird Areas


Seed Sale

Our seed sale is our main source of income. All proceeds go to the publication of our newsletter, sponsorships of children to attend environmental camps, programs, our Bluebird Project, and more. 


Special thanks to Doug Bloom, who runs the seed sale. Additional thanks to John Fix who lets us use Cornell's True Value hardware store as our pickup location.


Membership in BRSS audubon costs just $20 

For that you receive:

  • Membership in the National Audubon Society

  • National Audubon Society's award-winning magazine

  • Our newsletter "The Bird Call"

  • Notice of our free programs and field trips

  • Connections with like-minded citizens interested in nature and environmental conservation.