How You Can Help


THere are are many opportunities to help the Eastern Bluebird  

For more information or to volunteer to help in these areas, please contact our Project Leader, Sandy Morrissey.

Build nestboxes
Build bluebird nestboxes and donate them to the BRSS Eastern Bluebird Project. Get nestbox plans from the North American Bluebird Society.

Monitor Nestboxes

Volunteer to monitor a bluebird trail. This involves checking on several nestboxes from April through August. Click here for more information about monitoring nestboxes.

Golfers Especially Needed
Golf courses are great bluebird habitat, but it is hard to monitor nestboxes on golf courses because of dangerous flying golf balls. If you regularly play golf on a Westchester County course, offer to monitor if BRSS has nestboxes on the course. If your course doesn't have bluebird nestboxes, request permission for BRSS to put them up. You can easily monitor the nextboxes during your normal round of golf.
Locate & Get Permission for Nesting Sites
If your work or recreation site has several acres of open, mowed grass, get permission for BRSS Audubon to locate nestboxes on the property. 

Schedule an Eastern Bluebird Program for your group
We offer a free PowerPoint presentation that teaches about the bluebird. This program can be as short as 20 minutes or last up to an hour. Schedule a program for your organization so members learn how to help. Student and scout groups can schedule programs to build nestboxes from kits we or their group supplies.

Plant native berry-bearing plants
Plant berry-producing native trees and shrubs. Berries are a critical bluebird food source in severe cold weather. Get Westchester County native plant lists from the Native Plant Center

Don't use pesticides
Don’t use pesticides on your property. They kill insects which are the bluebirds’ food supply. Plus, you can poison the bluebirds. 

Don't cut down trees
Don’t cut down dead and dying trees unless for safety reasons. Decaying trees provide many nesting cavities and insects. 

Donate $30
Donate $30 to BRSS Audubon to pay for the cost of placing one nestbox. A great way to honor a loved one.

Contact us for more information